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Life Enrichment Center is a spiritually positive, life-affirming Center. We believe God is Good and created life to be good! Are you tired of feeling lost and depressed?

If you are looking to enrich your life through positive thought and action, and discover the power of God within you, come join us on Sundays. Your soul is welcome here!

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Photography by Richard Wells

We considered that unless we bust through the myth that a separate material universe is real—unless we no longer choose to believe in a separate physical realm in which we live, not as spiritual beings, but solely as human beings under material laws (separate from Spiritual Law), it will continue to appear to us that there are material laws over which we have no power that can affect the function of our mind and body without our permission…and Spirit’s interaction. And, we will continue to appear to be weak, helpless, sick, and vulnerable. If we say that God is all there Is—but continue to think, speak and act as if the beat of our heart, the flow of our blood, and the ability of our mind to think are limited to, and dependent solely on, material laws—we will live out our earth life without ever experiencing the spiritual empowerment that brings about vigorous health, mental clarity, absolute joy, and uninterrupted peace.


We considered that New Thought is all about mind training (not magical thinking). It is not about our sitting around wishing things were different, but in our actively seeking to see things differently—spiritually, as God created them. We considered that we when we take charge of our mind, we don’t let the world think for us (or limit us in any way). We choose to look (and listen) beyond the physical, and allow the Spirit within us—that is forever thinking thoughts of Abundance for us—to inform us; to shine in our mind with unlimited possibilities for Good no matter what we want to achieve.


The myths we believe (though invented) are strong in their effects, such as disease, contagion, conflict, and abuse, and that is why it is important for us to bust through those powerful myths. Unless we do, they will continue to make us sick and unhappy, and interfere with our ability to love and feel loved, and to prosper and succeed in our life.


We began our exploration of how we can bust through some of the myths we hold in our mind (and believe to be true) that hold us back from living the free and powerful life we are created to live. We considered the invented stories that we tell our self and each other about the human condition in which we live without God, struggling on our own, unless we pray. We looked at the myth that we, unlimited Spiritual Beings, have somehow been stuffed into inferior human forms and made vulnerable to the laws of an imaginary outer world (separate from the Universe of Spirit, which is governed by Spiritual Law); a mythological world of disease, contagion, conflict, and terror; a fictitious condition of life that we accept as true (for now) because just as those in ancient times believed the world was flat, the world today (and we, in it) certainly appear to be at risk in every area of our life. And, we would be…if the myths were true!

Photography by Richard Wells

We looked at one of the “symptoms” of Inner Peace as “an increasing tendency to let things happen rather than to manipulate them to make them happen.” And, we continued to look at the difference it makes in our life when we stop resisting what we don’t want in our future (whether the future is minutes or years away) and, instead, allow what we do want to flow through our awareness NOW—to see, feel, and know it as real in the Present Moment. We considered that as we let go of “what was” and “what if” in our mind, we become receptive to What’s Now in the Mind of God.

Photography by Richard Wells

We considered that we worry about so much in our life that never actually happens—like the conversations we have with someone (in our mind) that never actually takes place with that person; the safety of our children; the aging of our parents (and ourselves); our finding “true” love; and how our past words and behaviors will affect our future. We considered that all the worry in the world could not prevent something from occurring in our life or will not make any situation better. The only thing that worry can do is to rob us of the Peace that is Present in each moment…because God is Present in each moment… and God is Undisturbed Peace.

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